We take Fortune 500 Services into new communities

Our focus is singular: We love encouraging people to do what they are best at, we give our people various opportunities to evolve in their careers. With your work, you can be a part of the next wave of business managers to extend the reach of the Fortune 500 companies we represent.

We create tomorrow's leaders

While working with clients from across a wide range of industries, we need talented people who can adapt to any terrain and step up to challenging situations. That's why we train our associates to learn the most cutting-edge techniques under the guidance of experts who have achieved their success. Our management and business training program caters to each person's needs; our managers stress on soft skills such as communication and compassion, thereby enabling better collaboration and more progressive relationships with the people they manage.

Marketing Training

Core Values of MELA Group

1. Industry Training and Knowledge
As we concentrate on empowering our team with the best learning tools, we also increase MELA Group's capacity to expand. Through a one-on-one approach, we capitalize on individual strengths, which leads to excellent outcomes all around.

2. Insightful Approach
At MELA Group, our team is filled with dynamic individuals who are open to new ideas and an unending desire to get results. We channel this drive through our immersive training program to further enhance their strengths and knowledge.

3. Faster Achievements
At MELA Group, we have a practical marketing approach that is tailored to each client's specific needs for branding, promotion, and advertising. We handle everything; so you can keep innovating and delivering excellence. As a part of our firm, we will push you to perform better and appreciate your performance.

4. Guaranteed Conversions
We create each campaign with a specific target audience in mind. We use face-to-face presentations to directly offer clients' products to eligible people. Our communication resonates with buyers. We drive acquisition rates upward and foster repeat business.

A career at MELA Group can be an ongoing journey of personal discovery. So take success into your hands and bring your curiosity to life as part of our team!

We offer Job Opportunities across Long Beach, Compton, Carson, Hawaiian Gardens, Downey, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas.